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Homes for Sale in Old Littleton, Littleton, CO

Old Littleton, Littleton, CO Neighborhood

Old Littleton is a historic district located in the central part of Littleton, Colorado. This community includes a combination of classic residential neighborhood built during the early years of the city with outdoor parks, museums, and other notable landmarks. Properties in the neighborhood include many single-family homes, bungalow-type homes, and ranch-type houses. These residences offer a convenient location since it is situated in the heart of the city close to schools, recreational centers, and many major business sectors of the region. The area offers housing options for families looking for an affordable starter home as well as families with multiple members that need more space, or investors looking for a rental property. Old Littleton provides excellent real estate properties that can accommodate every house hunter’s budget and needs.

Old Littleton Amenities

Residents in the Old Littleton neighborhood have easy access to several commercial and recreational locations throughout the area. The Woodlawn Center is a shopping mall that has a centrally located retail area where homeowners can visit for their regular shopping needs. There are many beautiful outdoor parks in the city where family and friends can enjoy the weather with. A couple of well-known parks that are worth the visit are Ketring Park and Gallup Park. These parks are in the center of Littleton and both feature lovely open green areas, children’s playgrounds, outdoor sports facilities, miles of walking trails, gardens, and a large lake.

Old Littleton Schools

Families moving into the Old Littleton neighborhood can choose from a good number of educational institutions in the city. There are several schools in the area that include public and private, specialty schools, and more. Schools you would want to look up are Ralph Moody Elementary School, Saint Mary’s School of Littleton, Euclid Middle School, and many more.

Selling your Home in Old Littleton

If you plan to sell a home in the Old Littleton neighborhood, our team can help you find a buyer fast and easy. We will help you list your property online and utilize other marketing channels to reach as many potential buyers as possible. If you have any Real Estate questions you need to be answered, please feel free to Contact Us today.

Listings in Old Littleton, Littleton, CO

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