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Homes for Sale in Broadmoor, Littleton, CO

Broadmoor, Littleton, CO Neighborhood

Broadmoor is a suburban neighborhood next to East Elementary School located in the central part of Littleton, Colorado. The community is centrally situated and is a short distance from schools, church, hospital, retail establishments, and shopping centers. Families looking for a comfortable home in the heart of the city will appreciate the properties in the Broadmoor community. Real Estate in the area like other residential subdivisions in Littleton is mostly single-family homes with private home lots with private yards and personal parking space. These homes typically come in two to four-bedroom models with different designs, features, and layouts. The suburban setting provides a family-friendly environment that is perfect for raising children. If you are looking for a new home, Broadmoor is an excellent candidate to consider.

Image of residential property in Broadmoor, Littleton, CO

Amenities in Broadmoor

Broadmoor provides residents in the neighborhood with an easy access to the many recreational attractions in the heart of Littleton. Ketring Park which is found west of the community is a beautiful outdoor park with lakeside amenities, walking trails, open green spaces, sports facilities, and more. Families can enjoy the beautiful weather of the region by spending more time outdoors. Located east of the community is a vast commercial development that runs along South Broadway. There are large shopping malls, restaurants, retail establishments, chain stores, and other businesses along this road. The neighborhood is also a short drive from Swedish Family Medicine Residency.

Schools near Broadmoor

East Elementary School is the closest school for residents living in the Broadmoor neighborhood. The school provides excellent educational facilities and a large softball field that’s conducive for the students. Littleton High School is a short drive north of the community, and it  features even better facilities to support students in their studies and extracurricular activities.

Selling your Home in Broadmoor, Littleton, CO

If you are looking for a buyer to purchase your property in Broadmoor, we are here to help. Selling a home can be challenging by yourself. You need to contact potential buyers and market your home through several channels. It can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Our team will help make selling your home fast and easy. We have worked with several clients in the past in finding the right buyer for the right price. If you have any Real Estate questions, I would be happy to provide the information you need.

Listings in Broadmoor, Littleton, CO

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